TIM011 Resources

Boot Disks. Archive contains original boot disks in three formats, and also a boot disk with minimal set of programs needed to run the machine.
WARNING! Original boot disks have an error in the BIOS, rendering the serial port on the computer unusable! The minimal boot disk, and all subsequent disks uploaded here will have that error fixed.
Download .zip
Boot ROM. Archive also contains the Keyboard ROM, which is needed for MAME emulationDownload .zip
FlashFloppy configuration files. Edit to suit your needs in regard of display model and orientation. IMG.CFG describes the .img format for use on TIM011Download .zip
Magazine articles about the computer from "Računari u Vašoj kući" and "Svet Kompjutera" magazines, in SerbianView PDF
Book "Priručnik za TIM-011-DOS" (DOS Manual), in SerbianView PDF
TimTris v0.9 - Game written for TIM011 in 2023-2024 by Žarko Živanov. Showcases the support for the platform in TRSE. Supports AY sound card. 5th place in Revision 2024 Game CompoDownload .zip
Disk image with 6 games: CatChum and Ladder by Yahoo Software, and Quatris by Steven B. Perkins (well known CP/M games adapted for TIM011), two original TIM011 games by Ivan Gerenčir (Tetris and Gomoku), and a recent adaptation of 2048 for TIM011 by Marko ŠolajićDownload .zip

For programming resources, graphics libraries for MESCC compiler, disk creation tools etc. visit https://bitbucket.org/zzarko/tim011-tools/src/master/

There is an ongoing effort to analyze and disassemble the original BIOS and system software, as almost no documentation or source code exists. The progress is documented over at https://github.com/msolajic/tim011-system-software